Picture of Stuart Mealing

Stuart Mealing

Associate Director
(Health Economics and
Outcomes Research)

Email : stuart.mealing@york.ac.uk

Telephone : +44 (0)7722 156117

Stuart Mealing is an Associate Director and leads the YHEC Health Economics and Outcomes Research team. He is a member of NICE’s Highly Specialised Technologies Evaluation Committee and has a Master’s degree in Operational Research from the University of Lancaster Business School and a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management from Smurfit Business School, Dublin.

Stuart has worked in numerous therapy areas including oncology (solid tumour and haematological), cardiology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and neurology. He has extensive experience in the development and review of cost-effectiveness and budget impact models, and has particular experience in working with medical devices and the modelling of orphan/ultra-orphan conditions.

Before joining YHEC in August 2017, Stuart was the EU Head of Health Economics at ICON Clinical Research Ltd and, before that, worked as a researcher at PenTAG, one of the research groups that performs independent assessments for NICE.