Information Services

Information is key to high quality research. Identifying and managing research evidence efficiently within projects is one of YHEC’s strengths.


How can we help you? 


We can carry out searches for you – we have access to a wide range of databases in all topics:

    • Search strategy development: We can discuss your requirements and develop searches to capture your specifications
    • Scoping searches: We can help with input to preparing proposals, identifying and providing background documents and estimates of the size of the literature to help you develop and cost proposals more accurately
    • Web searches: Searching the web systematically for information and collating the information retrieved


Critical appraisal of completed searches

We can advise on whether third party searches meet a research question and how they can be amended or updated to meet new requirements.


Search filter development, validation and testing

YHEC staff have developed search filters to identify randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, and health state utilities. We can also provide assessments on the quality of search filters and can undertake performance testing.


Research publication patterns

We can carry out research publication analysis.


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