Review and Evidence Synthesis

YHEC undertakes reviews for pharmaceutical companies for a variety of national and international purposes:
  • Systematic reviews to support health technology assessment (HTA) and reimbursement submissions to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and other agencies including:
    • Systematic reviews of effects and safety
    • Systematic reviews of cost-effectiveness studies or economic evaluations
    • Systematic reviews of health state utilities and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) evidence
    • Systematic reviews of resource use and costs
  • Scoping reviews to identify gaps in research and inform future research
  • Burden of illness reviews to understand the epidemiological, clinical, economic and / or humanistic burden of a disease area
  • Reviews (rapid reviews or systematic reviews) to inform the development of economic models


In collaboration with our partners at Quantics Consulting, we also undertake indirect or mixed treatment comparisons, allowing effectiveness data to be generated to compare different treatments when head-to-head data are not available. Read more about our indirect or mixed treatment comparison services.

YHEC also has extensive experience of assessing the quality of both peer-reviewed publications and HTA submissions and we can appraise all aspects of systematic reviews and network meta-analyses (NMAs).

YHEC also prepares manuscripts and coordinates the preparation of manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.


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