YHEC Raffle, ISPOR Europe 2023

Our terms and conditions

  1. Players may enter the raffle by submitting their business card.
  2. The deadline for entry is 13:00 (local time), Tuesday 14 November.
  3. The prize is 1x Lego Globe.
  4. The raffle is open to ISPOR attendees. YHEC staff and associates may not play the raffle.
  5. The raffle will be drawn by the YHEC booth team at 15:00 (local time) on Tuesday 14 November and the winner will be the first eligible person randomly selected.
  6. The prize will be shipped to the winner after the event and YHEC will contact the winner to arrange this. If YHEC is unable to contact the prize winner and/or finalise the shipping arrangements within one month of the draw, the raffle will be re-drawn and the prize re-awarded.
  7. By submitting your business card, contact details or other information, you give permission for YHEC to add you to its newsletter mailing list. Newsletters are sent approximately every six weeks and you may opt out at any time.
  8. For any queries, please ask a member of the booth team or email Carie Taylor, Office Manager, at carie.taylor@york.ac.uk