Integrated Care Evaluations

What are integrated care evaluations?

The NHS Long Term Plan stresses the importance of closer cooperation between different organisations in the health and social care sector.  The hope is that this will enable population health issues to be addressed through the development of Integrated Care Systems across the NHS.  The integration of care services means that traditional care pathways may be changed.  The methods of reimbursement may also need to change from the current purchaser/provider tariff model to an aligned incentives approach.  Evaluations of integrated care may include service and care pathway evaluations and the development of tariff or incentive models.


When do you need to use integrated care evaluations?

The process of the integration of care systems in the NHS and public sector has been ongoing for some time with more than 40 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) established across NHS England.  There is a degree of complexity to the changes being made and it is important that decision makers understand the economic consequences of the changes.  YHEC has worked with a number of Vanguard New Models of Care sites and STPs to help them to understand the research questions they should answer and the key metrics they should try to measure.


How can we help you?

We can help you to:

  • Co-design the research question and key economic measures, including the need for any form of incentive modelling
  • Specify and collect relevant data to populate an economic analysis or model
  • Conduct literature reviews to gather evidence on the impact of interventions to include in an analysis or model
  • Develop an analysis or construct a simple model in an appropriate software package
  • Undertake comprehensive uncertainty analyses
  • Prepare a detailed report to accompany the analysis or model
  • Present findings to internal and external stakeholders


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