Univariate/one way sensitivity analysis allows a reviewer to assess the impact that changes in a certain input (parameter) will have on the output results of an economic evaluation (most frequently those based on a model) – this may be referred to as assessing the robustness of the result to that parameter. The parameter of interest should be varied between plausible extremes, preferable justified by review of available evidence. This is the simplest form of sensitivity analysis since only one parameter is changed at one time, and correlations between parameters is not taken into account. Tornado diagrams are often used to summarise univariate sensitivity analyses testing a set of input variables in turn.


How to cite: Univariate/One Way Sensitivity Analysis [online]. (2016). York; York Health Economics Consortium; 2016. https://yhec.co.uk/glossary/univariate-one-way-sensitivity-analysis/


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