A Multiple technology appraisal (MTA) undertaken by UK NICE is one where a comparison is made between one or more technologies used in one or more indications of interest.  The evidence assessment is undertaken by an independent academic group (Assessment Group – AG).  Formal consultees are invited to provide submissions: this includes technology sponsors as well clinical experts, NHS commissioning experts and patient experts. The MTA process is approximately 16 weeks longer than the single technology assessment (STA) process.  Given this longer timeline and the independence of timings of marketing authorisation for new medicines for the same indications, MTAs are much less common than STAs for pharmaceutical therapies.  Detailed guidance on the MTA process (2014 process guide) is available at:



How to cite: Multiple Technology Appraisal (UK NICE) [online]. (2016). York; York Health Economics Consortium; 2016. https://yhec.co.uk/glossary/multiple-technology-appraisal-uk-nice/


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