Managed access agreements (MAAs) are a version of conditional reimbursement or coverage with evidence development used in the UK NHS.  They constitute agreements between NHS England and sponsors of new technologies manufacturers that enable new interventions (usually drugs) to become available for a limited time period at a discounted price.  These arrangements are co-ordinated by NICE, specifically via the Cancer Drugs Fund for oncology medicines.  Clinicians and patient advocacy groups are involved, as well clinical representatives of NHS England.  MAA refers to an arrangement that addresses a significant area of uncertainty in the evidence base as identified by the technology evaluation Committee at NICE.  MAAs have been used in many single technology assessments (STAs) and are anticipated expected for most highly specialised technologies (HST).  MAA proposals include an agreed rationale and duration for the arrangement, populations covered (in particular where they come in the care pathway), clear criteria for starting and stopping the new therapy, definition of outcomes, methods of data collection and frequency of reporting, together with a commercial proposition (price discount), financial risk management plans and an understanding of what will happen if reimbursement is eventually withdrawn.


How to cite: Managed Access Agreement [online]. (2016). York; York Health Economics Consortium; 2016.


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