Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) is the most common label given to the function within pharmaceutical and life science companies with the responsibility for generating evidence of value of new interventions for reimbursement agencies and local health care payers. While ‘HE’ refers mostly to skills in economic evaluation ‘OR’ may refer to expertise in observational studies or in the development and use of new health outcomes measurements, especially PROs. HEOR staff will advise on the design of trials to best meet the needs of healthcare payers, as well as on other studies and analyses (meta-analyses, modelling, observational studies) that may be required. They will ensure that these studies are executed, often using external researchers, and will communicate the results internally and externally. If based in specific countries they may be responsible for creating and delivering submissions to reimbursement agencies or local healthcare payers. HEOR staff work closely with specialists in Market Access.


How to cite: Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) [online]. (2016). York; York Health Economics Consortium; 2016.


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